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The Fort Lauderdale brain injury attorneys at Kelley/Uustal provide tenacious and experienced representation to victims of traumatic and non-traumatic brain injury and their families. If you or a loved one has sustained a brain injury in a preventable accident caused by another person’s negligence, you may be entitled to substantial compensation.

Brain injuries may result from:

Types of Brain Injury

There are many different types of brain injury. Traumatic brain injury occurs when the head violently strikes an object or surface. Non-traumatic brain injuries do not involve any direct trauma or force to the head. Both types of injury can be serious and have life-changing effects on the victim. The most serious brain injuries can be fatal.

Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) include:

  • Concussion, the most common type of injury which may result in a temporary loss of consciousness
  • Diffuse axonal, in which rotational forces cause brain structures to tear
  • Coup-contrecoup, in which a violent force causes injury to both sides of the brain
  • Contusion, an area of bleeding on the brain that may require surgical removal
  • Penetration, in which the skull and brain are penetrated with a foreign object

Non-traumatic brain injuries include:

  • Anoxic/hypoxic injury, in which the brain suffers damage due to a reduced supply or complete lack of oxygen
  • Encephalitis or Meningitis, in which the brain suffers inflammation as a result of a virus or bacteria
  • Toxicity, in which the brain becomes damaged by a toxin such as a poisonous gas or an overdose of a drug

Lack of timely treatment is a common problem for brain injury victims. Unlike most injuries, brain injuries often go undetected for some time because the symptoms can be subtle. Sometimes, even sophisticated medical imaging technology can fail to detect an injury. The longer the injury goes undiagnosed, the higher the risk of long-lasting consequences.

The Impact of Living with a Brain Injury

A brain injury can have a profound impact on the way a person thinks, feels, and relates to people. The more severe a brain injury is, the more pronounced its long-term effects are likely to be. Even with rehabilitation, a brain injury victim may still experience lasting changes to their personality, their ability to form and maintain relationships, and their ability to lead an independent life. A once healthy person may no longer be able to work, may suffer a decreased quality of life associated with physical and cognitive impairments, and may require long-term medical treatment and home care. The costs of medical bills and lifestyle changes, coupled with a loss of earning potential, can bring a family enormous financial stress.

Brain injuries can cause the following:

  • Personality changes
  • Behavior changes
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Memory problems
  • Executive dysfunction
  • Communication problems
  • Physical limitations

Brain injury victims and their families have suffered enough without the financial burden of paying for an accident which never should have happened in the first place. If you are struggling to pay your bills in the aftermath of a brain injury, we encourage you to contact a Fort Lauderdale brain injury lawyer at Kelley/Uustal to learn more about your legal options. Our firm may be able to help you recover compensation for all losses related to your injury, including the cost of past and future medical care, physical and emotional pain and suffering, past and future lost income, loss of earning capacity, and more.

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The Fort Lauderdale catastrophic injury lawyers at Kelley/Uustal are locally and nationally recognized for their commitment to justice and track record of high-value results. In fact, our firm has recovered more than a quarter of a billion dollars in verdicts and settlements for our clients, including the seventh-largest jury verdict in the country. Backed by more than 325 years of experience, we know what it takes to handle even the toughest catastrophic injury cases, including those involving serious brain injuries.

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