Airbag Defect Lawsuits

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Airbags have saved countless lives. While many people think that an airbag has malfunctioned when it fails to deploy, in reality, airbags are designed to deploy only in certain circumstances. Most of the time, an airbag is not defective simply because it failed to deploy.

Sometimes, however, airbags don’t work properly. The inflation device can fail, the computer that sends the deployment signal can crash, or wires can be connected improperly. In addition, because airbags explode with amazing force, automotive engineers admit that every time an airbag deploys, it carries the risk of seriously injuring or killing an occupant.

Please remember to never allow an infant or child to sit in the front seat of a vehicle with airbags.

Kelley/Uustal is currently reviewing cases from consumers harmed by defective Takata airbags. If you have questions about your case and rights, contact a Fort Lauderdale product liability lawyer from our firm for a FREE case review.

Defective Airbag Designs

Airbags must be designed with great care. Unfortunately, some were not. Poorly designed airbag systems can cause punch-out injuries that crush eyeballs, break necks and even kill occupants.

General Motors put airbag systems in some of its cars in the 1970s. Those vehicles had dual-deployment airbags which deployed at different levels of force depending on the severity of the crash. A General Motors engineer at the time said that “it only makes sense” to deploy the airbags in proportion to the crash forces.

When automobile manufacturers put airbag systems in their vehicles in the 1990s, very few of them used dual deployment airbags. Many claimed that it was technologically impractical, despite the fact that GM had done it 20 years before. Only recently have most manufacturers switched to dual deployment airbags.

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