Fort Lauderdale Injury Lawyer for Injuries Caused by Helmet Defects

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Helmets are designed to provide a certain level of protection in motorcycle crashes, football games and other activities where the head may be exposed to danger. Some helmets are sold even though they do not meet minimum federal standards. Some helmets are labeled as complying with standards which they do not in fact meet. Other helmets are simply designed in a negligent manner.

We handle helmet cases. We have sued helmet manufacturers for fraudulently labeling their helmets. We have sued helmet manufacturers for negligently designing their helmets. We have conducted helmet testing, crash testing, impact testing, and accident simulations.

Most people are not qualified to determine if a helmet performed as it was supposed to. If you or a family member suffered a serious head injury while wearing a helmet, contact us immediately as an early investigation is crucial to securing evidence that often gets destroyed quickly.

Watch this video from John Uustal on how to tell if a helmet is defective.