Seatback Failure Accidents

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If a seatback fails in a rear-end collision, the seat pops backward and the occupant is unrestrained even if he or she is wearing a seatbelt. The seatbelt only restrains forward motion. It is the seat itself which is supposed to prevent the occupant from being thrown backward in a rear-end collision. When the seatback collapses backward, the occupant can slide back out of the belt and the seat, into the back seat or the rear windshield.

When seatbacks fail, it puts more than just one person at risk. If an individual is in the back seat, they become susceptible to injury as well. At Kelley/Uustal, we understand the potential dangers that can result due to defective seatbacks. We also understand the injuries individuals sustain, and we are prepared to guide you throughout the legal process of holding the negligent manufacturers accountable.

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