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Patients entrust their health to highly trained doctors and surgeons every day. A patient should never have to wonder if they will be safe in doing so, but unfortunately, healthcare professionals make mistakes more often than people may think. Surgical mistakes can be some of the most serious instances of medical malpractice, and could end up causing severe injury or death to a patient. These mistakes can occur before, during, or after a procedure.

If you or someone you know has been harmed by a medical professional due to a surgical mistake, you may be eligible for compensation. We invite you to contact our Fort Lauderdale surgical error attorneys to discuss potentially filing a claim – We have the experience to successfully handle your severe medical malpractice case.

Our Medical Malpractice Case Results

  • $38,500,000.00 – Anesthesia error leading to permanent brain injury
  • $7,000,000.00 – Emergency room error leading to stroke in young boy
  • $2,580,000.00 – Confidential settlement in birth injury case
  • $1,950,000.00 – Medication mix-up leading to brain injury
  • $1,200,000.00 – Confidential settlement in birth injury case

Pre-Surgery Errors

Many issues that arise before surgery involve patients that should not be having surgery to begin with. Pre-surgery errors may include:

  • Ordering a surgery that is not necessary
  • Ordering a surgery based on a mistaken diagnosis
  • Failing to appropriately assess a patient’s symptoms
  • Failing to account for “co-morbidities” that may outweigh the risks associated with a non-medically necessary procedure

Mistakes During Surgery

Surgeries can be complex and thus present a number of opportunities for error. Mistakes commonly made during surgery include:

  • Anesthesia errors (delivering too much or not enough medication)
  • Performing surgery on the wrong site
  • Retained towels, sponges, and/or instruments
  • Using non-sterile techniques that lead to infection
  • Accidental injury to other body structures, such as nerves, blood vessels, organs, or bowels

Issues After Surgery

Surgical mistakes that arise after a procedure typically involve a failure to recognize and treat injuries that occurred during the surgery. If these injuries are not promptly identified and cared for, a patient is at a serious risk of developing potentially life-threatening complications, such as infections, which can lead to permanent injury or death.

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