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Accidents of all types occur on cruise ships and if you are a passenger heading out of a South Florida port, it’s important to be aware of the potential hazards as well as your legal rights and remedies before you even board the vessel.

Lawsuits are based on the provisions contained within your passage ticket. Be sure to read your ticket contract. If you are injured on a ship leaving a Florida port, you should file a personal injury lawsuit within the Florida courts. Moreover, many ticket contracts have a notice of filing provisions which can be as short as six months post-injury. If you’ve suffered an injury while aboard a cruise ship, we recommend you file a lawsuit immediately to assure you are awarded compensation. Our Fort Lauderdale cruise ship injury lawyers have the experience to successfully handle your case and we can help your case while you focus on recovering from your injuries.

Common accidents on cruise ships include:

  • Slip-and-falls, leading to significant injury
  • Faulty equipment, including gym/exercise and recreational equipment
  • Pool side accidents, including drowning
  • Assault (sexual or other) by crew member or other passenger
  • Food poisoning, Legionnaire’s disease, and other viruses caused by lack of cleaning/sterilization or sanitation
  • Medical malpractice/delay in care – by ship’s doctor & medical staff
  • Any injuries one might experience while on an excursion or other stops on land in ports of call, such as jet-ski or moped accidents.

All of these injuries, and the remedies to them, are governed by the passenger ticket, so make sure to review and preserve the ticket in case of any injury.

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In a cruise ship slip and fall accident or any other accident causing a severe injury, it is important to document the condition. Take photographs of the area where the incident occurred and get the names of witnesses and crew personnel that may have observed the accident. Evidence is especially critical in cruise ship injuries because once passengers or crew members leave the ship, it may be difficult to find or locate them as they are often from many different countries. Be sure to keep a copy of all incident forms your sign or complete.

The next step is to contact a trusted personal injury attorney as soon as possible upon your return home. The experienced lawyers at Kelley/Uustal we have experience with cruise ship claims and we know exactly how to deal with cruise lines and insurance companies as well as how to file a lawsuit should it become necessary. If you live out of state, have your local attorney contact us. We will be happy to act as local counsel.

Remember, your ticket provisions will govern the timing and venue for filing a lawsuit. Make sure you know when those deadlines are and to file accordingly. No matter what they say, cruise lines and insurance companies may act as if they are interested in your welfare, but they are usually interested in their bottom lines. A skilled cruise ship injury attorney can hold the negligent party or parties responsible and ensure you are compensated for your injuries or the unfortunate wrongful death of a loved one. Speak with one of our injury attorneys in Fort Lauderdale about your case. Contact Kelley/Uustal for a free case evaluation and pay no fees until we win your case!