About The Firm

The lawyers here are true trial lawyers.

Bob Kelley: We started this law firm 10 or 11 years ago with the idea of creating a unique law firm here in South Florida that would be a place where we could come together as lawyers who have similar interests and do justice for our clients. We are the real deal. The lawyers here are true trial lawyers. We have been to court many, many times against some of the biggest corporations in the world. We’re very careful about the lawyers we hire here to make sure that we do have the best trial lawyers in South Florida.

John Uustal: We knew right from the beginning the kind of firm that we wanted to have and we were going to do everything better than anybody else.

When we started one of the things we said was “People First” and that had a lot of meaning to us because it meant the clients come first.


Bob Kelley: Our track record of success is based upon the hard work and the many many hours that the lawyers here have dedicated to our clients. I tell all of our clients that the very first meeting that I will do the best I can to maximize the amount of money that we can get for them. We dig. We work. We do what it takes to get justice for our clients.

John Uustal: I don’t know of any other firm who does things the way we do. There’s no attorney in the world that can survive here for more than a week without some type of insane drive to be the best and a willingness to sacrifice for the client. It really is possible in my job to change the course of someone’s life. It’s not really possible to put into words how that feels, but, it makes you want to do what I do.

This is how the best lawyers win cases.

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At Kelley | Uustal, our goal is to fight for justice by protecting accident victims and punishing intentional wrongdoing and negligence. We are a committed and ethical law firm, and our history of success stands in testimony of that.

Our team is backed by more than 325 years of experience and a track record of success that includes over a quarter of a billion dollars in compensation.