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Stray Bullet Injuries: Commonality & Who Is Liable?

Though gun injuries are a common topic, most people don’t consider how often stray bullets cause injuries. These incidents aren’t always from police discharging their weapon or criminals engaged in illegal activities. Often, stray bullet injuries happen during the Fourth of July, New Year’s Eve, or during other kinds of celebrations. The truth is, when… read more

What Is the “Eggshell Skull Rule?”

Some accidents are just that – mistakes that can have grievous consequences. Unfortunately, the fact that a person’s injury or damages arose from a mistake does little to compensate the victim for the harm he or she suffered. The civil justice system exists to provide an important avenue of recourse for victims of negligence, no… read more

How Do You Fight A Malicious Lawsuit?

Did someone wrongfully accuse you of a crime or civil negligence? If so, you may be able to file a countersuit on the basis of malicious prosecution. In these types of claims, if you faced a previous criminal charge or civil suit that arose from an illegitimate or ulterior motive, you can file your own… read more

Most Dangerous Pool Toys of 2018

One thing you can count on during summer in Florida is heat – and lots of it. Floridians often spend the summer cooling off in both private and public pools and lakes. Though this can bring a welcome reprieve from the summer swelter, pool toys can present safety risks to the average consumer. According to… read more

Firework Laws in Florida

The Fourth of July holiday may have come and gone, but that doesn’t stop the fun of fireworks. Throughout the summer months, Floridians purchase and set off fireworks on their property. But is it legal? Can you face legal action for setting off illegal fireworks? An understanding of applicable Florida law regarding fireworks use is… read more

Why Distracted Walking Is More Dangerous Than You Think

When a vehicle strikes a pedestrian, people are quick to assume that the motorist was at fault. While this might be the case, it is not always the driver who is guilty of distraction at the time of the accident. Distracted walking has become more of a problem in the last several years as cell… read more

Fishing Regulations in Florida You Should Know

Florida, the “fishing capital of the world,” boasts a $5.7 billion fishing industry. Fishing is a hobby, sport, and career for thousands of people in the Sunshine State. While Florida welcomes fishermen and permits the recreational and commercial fishing of many different species, the state legislature asks that fishermen obey certain rules and regulations. If… read more

How Binding Are Oral Contracts in Florida?

Wondering whether you can hold someone to a verbal promise he or she gave you in Florida? The answer could be yes, you can. Oral contracts might not be as failsafe as written ones, but they still qualify as legally binding agreements in many situations. If your conversation with someone else involved a few necessary… read more

Public Pool Injuries: Who Is Liable?

Swimming in a public pool in Fort Lauderdale can be one of the best ways to beat the heat in the summer. Public pools at local parks, aquatic complexes, pool programs, and facilities such as YMCAs can be great places to spend the day, especially for families with children. Unfortunately, not all pool days end… read more

Keyless Cars and Carbon Monoxide Deaths: Who Is Liable?

Pushing a button rather than turning a key to start a car has become the new norm in the auto industry. While starting the engine with just the push of a button can seem convenient to busy drivers, it can also pose serious health risks – namely, accidentally leaving the car running. A combination of… read more