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Don’t Ignore Auto Recalls

Kelley | Uustal encourages all South Floridians to take action after receiving recall notices!

Orlando Health Faces Federal Lawsuit Over Refund Failures

Orlando Health is facing a federal lawsuit for failing to pay more than $5 million in refunds for medical residents. Read more on Kelley | Uustal’s blog.

Laz Melendez – Kelley | Uustal Cares

Learn about Kelley | Uustal employee Laz Melendez’ efforts to improve the lives of local Florida residents in the latest ‘Kelley | Uustal Cares’ update.

Kelley | Uustal Files Fraud Lawsuit Over Mayweather Pacquiao Fight

Kelley | Uustal has filed a lawsuit on behalf of a Florida plaintiffs over the recent Mayweather Pacquiao fight. Read more about the claim on our blog.

Is Your Employer Stealing From You?

Employment law attorneys explain wage violations and discuss overtime wage theft in a variety of occupations. For more information about your case, contact Kelley | Uustal today!

Attorney Kimberly Wald Writes Article on Social Media & Service of Court Documents

Kelley | Uustal Attorney Kimberly Wald has written an article discussing social media and the service of court documents. Read the full article on our blog!

Save Our Juries: Protecting the Civil Jury System

Find information about Save Our Juries and the efforts being made to protect the civil jury system on Kelley | Uustal’s blog.