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Who Is Liable for Your Bicycle Accident? Are You at Fault?

Fort Lauderdale is a beautiful place to bike. Its coastal location offers especially peaceful views and many people enjoy biking along the beach. If you have concerns about getting in an accident on the roads, bike paths are a safe option for exploring the city. Bicycle accidents, however, can lead to catastrophic injuries. If you… read more

What Are the Safest E-Cigarettes? The Debate Continues

When e-cigarettes hit the market, many people assumed they were a safe alternative to traditional smoking. Though they are better than tobacco cigarettes, there is still debate about which kind of e-cigarette is the safest. Traditional Cigarettes vs. E-Cigarettes E-cigarettes, or electronic nicotine delivery systems, are small, handheld devices. They look like cigarettes, cigars, pipes,… read more

Marijuana and Driving Under the Influence: How Are Police Detecting THC in Drivers?

If the police pulled you over for driving under the influence of pot, you need an attorney with experience and skill in DUI cases. Marijuana laws are changing all over the country, and police are using modern technologies to test for THC in people they pull over for suspicion of intoxication. Here is what you… read more

How Dangerous is Tamiflu?

If the anti-flu drug Tamiflu has injured you or a loved one in the Fort Lauderdale area, talk to our team of attorneys at Kelley | Uustal. Whether you are sick, or the flu attacks your child, you want the illness to be over as soon as possible. Considering how deadly the influenza outbreak has… read more

Where to Get Help After Being Affected by a National Recall

When a defective product causes you or your family harm, the party who caused the injury should pay for your medical care, lost wages from work, and rehabilitation. In Florida, the law has specific regulations in place to protect consumers from poorly designed or defective products. After an injury from a product on a national… read more

Video: Todd Falzone and Bob Kelley on Talc Litigation

Attorney Todd Falzone and Attorney Bob Kelley discussed talc litigation on the Legal News & Review radio program, which is produced from the Kelley | Uustal Courtroom. Watch, listen online, or download the audio file, below.   You can listen to the audio here Or download the audio file.

Coping with Injuries After a Natural Disaster

Despite warnings and preparations, there often isn’t a way to fully prevent the consequences of a natural disaster. The nation has seen many such disasters these past few months, and Florida residents have suffered much from Hurricane Irma, tropical storms, and the subsequent flooding. Many people in Fort Lauderdale and the surrounding area suffered injuries,… read more