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Suing a Mechanic or Auto Shop for Negligence

If a mechanic has worked on your car recently, only to have it break down or have further issues following the so-called repair, you may wonder: can I sue the mechanic or auto shop that potentially ruined the fix? As with most personal injury cases, it depends on the situation. Talk to one of the… read more

Settlement vs. Trial in a Personal Injury Lawsuit

When a person is harmed or injured, a personal injury claim usually results. These types of claims, which mostly involve negligence, can take two paths. A settlement claim can occur outside of court, or it can go through a trial. The amount and type of money recovered in a personal injury settlement or trial can… read more

How to Report Legal Settlements on Your Taxes

If you have recently settled a lawsuit outside of the courts, whether personal or as a business, the government may consider your compensation as taxable income, and so you must report it on your tax return. Omitting or leaving out income from legal settlements can be a serious offense, so you want to make sure… read more

Fatal Florida Pedestrian Bridge Accident Shines Light on Construction Safety

It was supposed to be at the forefront of bridge-building technology – a glimpse into the future of bridge construction in the United States. What had begun as the centerpiece of urban development ended with six people dead and ten injured. Builders and designers intended the Florida International University (FIU) Sweetwater University City Bridge to… read more

How to Avoid Parking Lot Accidents

If you’ve suffered injuries after a parking lot accident, consider talking to an attorney about a personal injury case. Parking lots are usually full of parked and slow-moving vehicles. Even so, parking lots happen to be the site of a substantial number of accidents in the US. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety found that… read more

Attorney Josiah Graham Represents Family of Angel Lopez

Attorneys Josiah Graham and Todd Falzone are representing the family of a Miami teen who was struck and killed by a police criuser, while crossing the street on his bicycle.  See news coverage from Fox News ABC News station WPLG, below.

Kelley-Uustal Attorneys Represent Family of Angel Lopez

Attorneys Todd Falzone and Josiah Graham are representing the family of a Miami teen who was struck and killed on his bicycle, by a police cruiser. Kelley | Uustal is now holding an investigation to find out exactly what happened when the 17-year-old was hit by an FHP trooper. Attorney Todd Falzone says they will… read more

Attorney Don Fann on Nursing Home Negligence and Abuse (Audio)

Click on the player, below, to listen to Kelley | Uustal Attorney Don Fann talk about Nursing Home Negligence and Abuse in this recent extraordinary segment on the Legal News & Review Radio Show on 96.9 FM and 103.9FM.