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What is Emotional Distress and Can Someone Be Sued for Causing It?

You may be familiar with the notion that a personal injury claim can compensate for both economic and non-economic damages. The former involves the material losses associated with your experience – such as medical bills, lost wages, and any loss in income. The latter seeks to address intangible losses such as pain, suffering, and emotional… read more

Can You Sue the City After Hitting a Pothole?

Potholes are a mainstay this time of year, especially as spring brings torrential rainfall to the area. Unfortunately, potholes can cause extensive damage to cars and may even cause injuries if your vehicle hits them with enough force. Who is responsible if you hit a pothole and sustain property damage or injuries? Can you file… read more

Can You Sue After Getting Food Poisoning at a Restaurant?

It seems that food-borne illnesses make the headlines every couple of months. From listeria outbreaks in lettuce to E. coli in burritos, contaminated food sickens Americans and leads to life-threatening complications every year. If you recently suffered an illness from food poisoning, you may be wondering if you can sue the restaurant that made you… read more

What Happens if a Police Officer Causes a Car Accident and Injury? Can I Sue?

Police officers have a duty to protect and serve the communities they patrol. They’re also human, which means they’re capable of negligence that might lead to a car accident. So, what happens when a police officer causes a car accident? Can you sue the department for damages? Shouldn’t a police officer be accountable for any… read more

Product Recalls You Need to Know About

A recall occurs when a manufacturer, or the government, orders a product off the shelves in order to protect the public from potential health or safety problems. Some recalls involve banning the sale of an item, while others request that a consumer return the item for a repair or replacement. It’s essential to check for… read more

Florida Boating Regulations You Should Know

Florida’s boating season is in full swing, with the unofficial start of summer just on the horizon. As you make your way out onto Florida’s waters this year, make sure you follow all of the state’s most important boating regulations, which enhance your safety and decrease your risk of an accident. Here are a few… read more

5 Things to Look for Before Choosing a Nursing Home

When our loved ones can no longer care for themselves, we want to find a place that will care for them as much as we do. Not all nursing homes are equal; while some provide social engagement and excellent caregiving to your loved ones, others are not so comprehensive. We’ve compiled a list of things… read more

John Uustal writes article: Fatalities Involving Self-Driven Cars Raise Concerns about the Technology, Tesla, and Uber

Technology is meant to make our lives better. When it comes to automobiles, computerized systems are expected to reduce the number of accidents and fatalities. In fact, automotive technology has already saved untold lives. But sometimes things go wrong.  [Read More …]