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Duck Boat Accidents: Who Is Responsible for My Injuries?

The horrific duck boat accident in Missouri recently is giving a national spotlight to a dangerous attraction throughout the country that tourists visit every day. Unfortunately, many operations for duck boats don’t maintain their boats, don’t follow all safety procedures, and don’t always train their employees on what to do in the event of an… read more

Florida Toll Roads: Are They Safer?

Florida has taken many measures to ensure highways are safe for both citizens and the many tourists who come through the various areas of the state. Toll roads are just one measure that help to slow people down, and, because of this, they are also safer statistically. The Statistics for Toll Roads Studies have shown… read more

Steps to Take After An Airbnb Injury

The sharing economy has been a change to the economics of the U.S. and to the way people vacation. While these changes seem to be positive, insurers and legislation are still catching up in how they include these kinds of business practices. Uber and Lyft have navigated lawsuits regarding liability, but they are both massive… read more

What Are the Complications of Dry Drowning?

Nearly drowning is a terrifying experience. Many people believe once a person is out of the water and breathing, they are out of danger. Unfortunately, that’s a deadly myth. Almost drowning has its own hazards and complications, including dry drowning. If you or someone you loved had a drowning incident in a pool, lake, the… read more

Can City Planners Fix Florida’s Pedestrian Accident Problem?

Pedestrian accidents can be catastrophic because, when a car hits a walker, it’s likely the driver didn’t regulate speed, veer, or otherwise work to avoid the incident until the last second. Otherwise, he or she could have avoided it. Florida has seen more of this kind of accident than other states. The hope is now… read more

What Are Florida’s Window Tinting Laws?

Window tinting in Florida is more than a way to keep your ride looking cool – it’s a way to keep your ride cool in the blazing heat that is common throughout the year in the Sunshine State. However, laws regarding how you can tint your windows vary by state, and Florida has specific regulations… read more

Stray Bullet Injuries: Commonality & Who Is Liable?

Though gun injuries are a common topic, most people don’t consider how often stray bullets cause injuries. These incidents aren’t always from police discharging their weapon or criminals engaged in illegal activities. Often, stray bullet injuries happen during the Fourth of July, New Year’s Eve, or during other kinds of celebrations. The truth is, when… read more