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Treat Road Rash Injury and Avoid Infections

Road rash refers to a type of abrasion from contact with asphalt or other road materials, usually in a motorcycle or bicycle accident. It is a painful injury that can involve dirt and debris in wounds and under the skin, with a high risk of infection. It is important to take proper care of your… read more

How Driving Drowsy Can Be More Dangerous Than Driving Drunk

Falling asleep behind the wheel has increasingly become a problem amongst overtired, overstressed, and overworked drivers. As people push themselves to work longer hours and multitask, fatigue has infiltrated the roadway. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), at least 845 people died in drowsy driving accidents in one year alone. Statistics often… read more

11 Tricks Insurance Companies Use to Deny Claims

After a personal injury accident, an insurance company is often your first outlet for securing compensation. Insurance companies should reimburse policyholders, claimants, and accident victims for their losses in the event of property damage or bodily injuries. Yet insurers are notorious for denying claims, often to save money. The following 11 tricks are tactics an… read more

Stadium Injuries: What to Do if You Were Hurt at a Sporting Event

Sporting events in Florida can be fun for the whole family – unless something goes wrong. Stadiums, ballparks, and sports fields can unfortunately contain hazards and defects that endanger the safety of fans. Flying bats, foul balls, airborne hockey pucks, slip and falls in the bleachers…if you or a loved one suffered an injury while… read more

Florida Gun Laws in 2019

Florida gun law is a heated, politically charged topic. With the mass shooting count almost higher than the number of days so far this year, gun legislation has been a prominent point of discussion amongst politicians and citizens alike. Florida has been at the center of many of these conversations, being the location of the… read more

Heat Stroke – Absence of Cold Water Immersion Tank

In what should set an example for school districts, school officials and athletic coaches and trainers across the country, the University of Maryland recently accepted responsibility for the heat stroke death of one of its football players during practice in May. The university’s president told reporters: “The university accepts legal and moral responsibility for the… read more