7 Common Injuries During Spring Break

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The rates of personal injuries and deaths tend to spike over spring break. When students go on trips and vacations to celebrate the hiatus from school, unfortunately they expose themselves to greater risks of bodily harm. Alcohol, road trips, swimming, parties, and cruises can all end in disaster if spring breakers aren’t careful. The following common spring-break injuries are all preventable if you know what to look for. Keep your break fun and safe by avoiding common risks and hazards.

Alcohol-Related Injuries

Imbibing is all part of the fun for many college students on spring break. Drinking too much or irresponsibly, however, can end badly for all involved. Alcohol poisoning, drunk driving accidents, and bar fights could all potentially result in injuries or death over spring vacation. Be on the lookout for underage drinkers or bartenders who continue to serve clearly intoxicated people.

DUI Accident Injuries

In Florida alone, there were 5,223 auto accidents involving alcohol in 2016. More than 400 of these accidents were fatal, taking 461 lives. The number of intoxicated drivers may increase during spring break, where many Floridians are partying irresponsibly. As a driver, be extra careful near college campuses and downtown areas. If you plan on drinking, don’t plan on driving.

Car Accident Injuries

A greater number of travelers vacationing during spring break results in a greater number of vehicle accidents. Congested highways and busier cities filled with tourists can increase the risk of car accidents. Fort Lauderdale sees a huge influx of tourists for spring and summer breaks, accounting for a jump in average occupancy in the spring and summer months. If you plan to go on a road trip or drive to the beach this spring break, be cautious about your surroundings and drive defensively. Never assume other drivers are paying attention to the road.

Pedestrian Collision Injuries

Fort Lauderdale is full of pedestrians during the busy spring break weeks. Tourists and locals walking to shops or the beach can make for crowded intersections. It can also contribute to a higher number of harmful pedestrian collisions. In 2017, there were 9,160 pedestrian crashes in the state of Florida. The month of March had the highest number of total car accidents, with about 37,000. Pedestrian-vehicle collision can occur when drivers fail to pay attention to the road, fail to yield the right-of-way at intersections, and roll through red lights and stop signs.

Violent Crime Injuries

Criminals looking to rob unsuspecting tourists or intoxicated bar patrons tend to come out at busier times such as spring break. Vacationers may find themselves the victims of violent crimes such as physical assaults, mugging, theft, drug crimes, sex offenses, even murder. Violent crimes can result in penetration injuries such as bullet and knife wounds. It can also cause severe emotional distress and psychological trauma. Stay safe during spring break by traveling with a buddy, avoid walking alone at night, and keep your wits about you during nights on the town.

Accidental Drowning

Unintentional drowning is the fifth leading cause of accidental injury death in the United States. Spring break might seem like the perfect opportunity to embrace warmer weather and enjoy Fort Lauderdale’s famous pools and beaches, but be mindful of the risk of drowning. Alcohol and drugs increase the risk of accidental drowning, as do overcrowded pools and the lack of lifeguards. Swimming pool accidents during spring break could be the liability of the property owner.

Dangerous Premises Injuries

Other accidents that could result in property owner liability have to do with property defects, such as slip and fall risks and fire hazards. Common property-related injuries and incidents during spring break include animal attacks, elevator/escalator accidents, trampling incidents, toxic environment, and food poisoning.

If you or a loved one sustains an injury in Florida or abroad during spring break, contact a personal injury attorney in Fort Lauderdale for a free consultation about your legal options.