Florida Toll Roads: Are They Safer?

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Florida has taken many measures to ensure highways are safe for both citizens and the many tourists who come through the various areas of the state. Toll roads are just one measure that help to slow people down, and, because of this, they are also safer statistically.

The Statistics for Toll Roads

Studies have shown that toll roads are much safer than non-toll roads across the country. The data compiled from The Fatality Analysis Reporting System of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s National Center for Statistics and Analysis, showed toll roads have a much lower rate of car crashes than state roads.

Toll roads are less dangerous than regular state road for a few important reasons. Experts have been debating the positive effects of toll roads for a long time now, making it a large debate among engineers and highway designers, but the facts all point towards the increased safety of toll roads. Here are some reasons why.

  • Funds from toll roads keep them in better condition, causing less accidents. State budgets can run out of money, but toll roads have their own income all year long.
  • Innovations in toll technology have made the roads safer for drivers. New electronic monitoring technology for tolling has decreased the number of accidents seen on toll roads across the country.
  • Having drivers slow down at toll booths keeps drivers in check and paying attention to changes in the road.
  • There are normally no pedestrians on a toll road.
  • Limited access to the toll road means that there are only a few ways to enter and exit the road. This cuts down on extraneous traffic coming on and off the road and leaves no room for road hazards like stop lights or signs, crossing traffic, or left turn lanes.

Know the Location of Florida Tolls

With the rise of GPS, it has become easier to navigate roads of any kind. Navigation apps will want you when you are approaching a toll booth, giving you more time to slow down and prepare. Driving with the app can also inform you of any traffic accidents or slowdowns based on road work to keep you on the fastest path to your destination.

Avoiding toll roads may seem like a good idea to save money, but due to their increased safety statistics, it could be worth the extra funds to avoid a deadly accident. Driving well-maintained roads also leads to smoother travel, making your time on the road more enjoyable.

How to Avoid Florida Tolls

If you are looking for a way around the tolls, navigation apps can help you find another route. Often, there is an option to avoid tolls when you plug in your destination. This will usually cause an increase in driving distance, but, depending on your destination, it may be worth the time saved from slowing down, giving cash, and other driving nuisances.

Another way to save time is to enroll in automatic payment methods for toll booths. If you are a frequent traveler, getting an EZ Pass from your local office or online can significantly decrease your travel time. Instead of slowing down to give cash to the person at the booth, the electronic payment links right to your debit or credit card, allowing you to roll through the booth without coming to a complete stop. People who commute to work through tolls or travel frequently on toll roads report that an EZ Pass makes the process a lot smoother.

Pay Attention to What’s Coming

One of the issues with tolls is they are a distraction – people are looking for cash, which lane to choose, and how to avoid the person who decided to switch lanes for a quicker pass. Plan ahead when you know a toll is coming so you can protect yourself against others who may drive while distracted.