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Attorney John Uustal Secures $6.5 Million for Whistleblower

A spokesperson for the Office of the Inspector General, who was involved in the case, commented, “Pharmaceutical companies that ignore rules designed to protect patients will be held accountable. Patients must be able to trust that decisions made by their doctors are based on unbiased professional judgment and not personal gain.” The U.S. Attorney has… read more

John Uustal Weighs In on the Kavanaugh Controversy

Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s U.S. Supreme Court nomination represents a danger far greater than ideological differences. It could permanently tilt the balance of power in favor of this country’s most powerful “people” – corporations. And it’s not pretty when corporations’ strength is unchecked in the courts… Read the full article in the Sun Sentinel here.

Heat Stroke – Absence of Cold Water Immersion Tank

In what should set an example for school districts, school officials and athletic coaches and trainers across the country, the University of Maryland recently accepted responsibility for the heat stroke death of one of its football players during practice in May. The university’s president told reporters: “The university accepts legal and moral responsibility for the… read more

John Uustal weighs in for the New York Times: Keyless Cars and Their Carbon Monoxide Toll

Attorney John Uustal is quoted in this story in the New York Times, and in this May 18, 2018 story from New Zealand. The New York Times article details cases handled by John Uustal, and the evidence he discovered. The Times story surveys 17 car companies regarding their compliance with voluntary standards recommended by the… read more

John Uustal writes article: Fatalities Involving Self-Driven Cars Raise Concerns about the Technology, Tesla, and Uber

Technology is meant to make our lives better. When it comes to automobiles, computerized systems are expected to reduce the number of accidents and fatalities. In fact, automotive technology has already saved untold lives. But sometimes things go wrong.  [Read More …]    

Attorney Don Fann on Nursing Home Negligence and Abuse (Audio)

Click on the player, below, to listen to Kelley/Uustal Attorney Don Fann talk about Nursing Home Negligence and Abuse in this recent extraordinary segment on the Legal News & Review Radio Show on 96.9 FM and 103.9FM.

John Uustal reports: Uber Dodges Trial for First Ever Self-Driving Vehicle Fatality

National Transportation Safety Board investigators are examining the death of 49-year old Elaine Herzberg, killed by an Uber self-driving SUV while crossing a Tempe, Arizona road on March 18. Just two weeks after Herzberg’s death, her daughter and husband have reached a settlement with Uber, allowing the company to avoid a trial.  [Read More …]

John Uustal weighs in: 5 Ways Self-Driving Cars Affect Liability

If anything defines America, it’s innovation. We’re constantly pushing for safer, more effective products to make life easier. Self-driving, “automated” vehicles are rolling out of the lab and onto our streets. These futuristic modes of transport promise to free up our time and make roads safer.  [Read More …]

Attorney Peter Spillis’ appearance on Legal News and Review Radio Show

Kelley/Uustal Attorney Peter Spillis’ appeared on the Legal News and Review Radio Show on 96.9 FM and 103.9FM (November 13, 2017).  The topic of the panel discussion was medical malpractice.  Click on player, below, to listen.  

State Senator Rodriguez Files Bill to Prevent Cars from Crashing into Stores

State Sen. Jose Javier Rodriguez filed a bill to install barriers which would prevent vehicles from crashing into storefronts in South Florida. These accidents happen more often than you might think, and they can cause property damage, bodily injury and even death. The installation of concrete posts, called “bollards” in the safety field, improves parking… read more