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Types of Road Markings You Should Know

Recognizing and obeying road markings are two responsibilities you have as a driver in Florida. Drivers who ignore road markings can put everyone else in danger by making unsafe or illegal lane changes or other maneuvers. Trying to pass a car across a solid yellow line, for example, could cause a head-on collision with an… read more

Can I Sue if I Was Hit by a Foul Ball at an MLB Game?

Attending a Major League Baseball (MLB) game could be the time of your life…until a foul ball strikes you hard enough to cause a serious injury. Foul and fly balls at baseball games have caused bone fractures, eye injuries, broken teeth, lacerations, skull fractures and traumatic brain injuries. Victims often try to file claims for… read more

5 School Zone Safety Driving Tips

According to pedestrian accident statistics, Florida has one of the highest rate of pedestrian deaths. School zones in particular, contain the road’s most vulnerable road users: child pedestrians. School zones are designated areas with higher populations of child pedestrians at certain times of the day. School zones in Florida have special rules all drivers must… read more

Top 7 Most Dangerous Jobs in Florida

No matter how much training you receive, safety equipment you use or how cautious you are on the job, a workplace accident or injury could happen. No worker expects to suffer an injury at work, yet thousands of employees do each year. Most of these accidents are preventable with prudent employers and proper safety measures…. read more

How to Keep Your Children Safe from Heatstroke

This week, a 2-year-old child died after being left in a locked van outside his daycare in Oakland Park, FL. He wasn’t discovered until 2 p.m., after apparently being picked up from home earlier that morning. This heartbreaking tragedy could, and should, have been avoided. Unfortunately, this is not an isolated incident. According to Kids… read more

Firework Safety 101

As you gather with your friends and families to celebrate this Fourth of July, remember to be extra careful around fireworks. This can be a great day for pool parties, barbecues, and summer fun, but if handled incorrectly, fireworks can cause serious and life-threatening injuries. Emergency departments treated over 9,000 fireworks-related injuries last year. 5,600… read more

How to Report a Hit-and-Run in Florida

A hit-and-run is a car accident in which the at-fault driver flees the scene without bearing responsibility for the crash. Hit-and-runs can leave victims feeling helpless about how to obtain compensation for their damages. Although Florida is a no-fault car insurance state, identifying the at-fault party is still important for obtaining full recovery. Thus, state… read more

What Happens If You Hit a Car That’s Illegally Parked?

All drivers have various responsibilities they must meet when it comes to proper use of their vehicles. Drivers have a duty of care to avoid hitting parked vehicles and to anticipate the actions of other nearby drivers to keep the flow of traffic moving safely. Drivers also have a duty of care to park their… read more

Florida Collision Repair Laws and Regulations

If you experience a car accident in Florida, you should know the state’s laws concerning collision repair and the legal regulations facing car repair service providers. Visiting an unlicensed, uncertified, or unregistered mechanic can not only lead to subpar repairs and additional maintenance work on your vehicle, but also legal penalties or complications with your… read more

How Dangerous Are Falling Bullets?

The old adage “what goes up must come down” applies to virtually every object on Earth including bullets. When a bullet travels through the air, the air resistance around the bullet and the force of gravity inevitably bring the projectile to the ground. The firing arc and speed of travel determine the effective range and… read more