Truck Accidents

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How Trucking Companies Escape Liability When They Kill People

Learn about truck accidents and wrongful death liability on our blog. For information about making a claim, contact Kelley | Uustal today.

Brake Failure Can Lead to Deadly Trucking Accidents

Catastrophic trucking accidents in and around Broward County are often caused by mechanical failure. One of the biggest reasons for that mechanical failure is brake failure.

Truck Drivers Caught on Video Texting While Driving

Trucker Caught Video Texting Driving: Fort Lauderdale Injury Lawyer blog by Kelley | Uustal.

1 in 4 Truckers Has Admitted to Falling Asleep While Driving

Review our injury attorney blog from April 2014 or contact a Fort Lauderdale Injury Lawyer at Kelley | Uustal to find out how we can help with your individual case.

Ways to Prevent an Underride or Rear-Impact Truck Accident

Read blog entries from March 2014 by an experienced Fort Lauderdale Personal Injury Lawyer who can help you seek fair compensation for your injury claim.