Most Dangerous Times to Drive on Florida Roads

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The most recent accident statistics found that 395,785 traffic crashes occurred throughout the state of Florida in just one year– with 2,935 of them involving fatal incidents according to a Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles report. These numbers have been increasing over the past few years, up from 344,170 crashes in 2014. While car crashes can occur at any time, certain days and times carry a higher risk for accidents on Florida roads.

Most Dangerous Times to Drive on Florida Roads

In Florida, most fatal accidents occur on weekends. In 2016, there were:

  • 560 fatal accidents on Saturdays
  • 541 fatal accidents on Sundays
  • 491 fatal accidents on Fridays

By contrast, only about 400 accidents happened during weekdays. The trends were similar for accidents that lead to incapacitating injuries, with higher numbers of these accidents occurring on Fridays and Saturdays. With more people on the roads over the weekends, potentially engaging in reckless or drunk driving, it’s no surprise that these days are some of the most dangerous. Combined with holidays and sporting events, the danger of getting in fatal accidents increases.

Most fatal accidents occur between 6 PM and 3 AM across all days. Dark roads make it difficult to see obstacles and other drivers on the road, which reduces reaction times. Saturdays had the highest rate of fatal accidents during this time of the day in 2016, with 308 of the 560 fatal accidents occurring between 6 PM and 3 AM.

Most Vulnerable Road Users in Broward County

In 2016, there were 41,755 total crashes in Broward County. A total of 25,361 of those accidents lead to injuries and 245 lead to fatalities. While accidents can happen to anyone, some groups of road users are at a higher risk for crashes.

Pedestrians made up the most at-risk group of road users throughout Broward County. There were 1,040 total crashes involving pedestrians that year, with 929 injuries and 64 fatalities. Because of the high force of the car in a collision, most pedestrian accidents lead to long lasting injuries. While the overall number of pedestrian crashes has decreased since 2015, the number of fatal accidents increased by 8.47%.

Motorcyclists make up the next most at-risk group of road users, with 823 total crashes in 2016. As with pedestrian accidents, the size discrepancy between a motorcyclist and a larger vehicle can lead to more serious injuries – 35 of the motorcycle accidents ended in fatalities in 2016 while 660 involved injuries. Though the number of injuries has increased, motorcycle fatalities overall have dropped 14.63% since 2015.

Broward County also had 759 bicyclist crashes in 2016, with 709 leading to injuries and 13 ending in fatalities. Other types of non-motorist crashes accounted for 109 accidents, 24 injuries, and 2 fatalities that year.

Young drivers are also some of the most at-risk road users in Broward County. In 2016, drivers between the ages of 15-24 accounted for 11,890 car crashes in the area. Most crashes in this group involved drivers age 21-24, who had 6,520 accidents and 23 fatalities. New motorists are often at a high risk because they are not yet used to the road, and young adults who become legally able to drink may engage in risky activities, such as drinking while driving.

Protect Yourself While Driving

Driving may be a convenient form of transportation, but it also has many risks. Staying informed of roadway conditions and dangers can help you make safe driving decisions. By exerting caution during weekends and nighttime hours, learning pedestrian and motorcycle laws, and encouraging safe driving practices in young drivers, everyone can play a role in keeping Florida roads safe.