How Kelley | Uustal Helps the “Little Guy” Seek Justice

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Rocky, Erin Brockovitch, and Rudy—what do these films have in common? They’re all stories of underdogs who fought against the odds and won. We love them because they remind us that we can succeed as long we work hard and believe in what we are doing. They also let us know that it isn’t going to be easy! The protagonists in each of these films experienced failure and moments of doubt. But refused to give up, and they had help!

Being the underdog is never easy, especially when you have right on your side. Average people who file personal injury lawsuits often find themselves going up against nameless, faceless corporations who have teams of attorneys on their payroll. How then does the little guy get justice? That is the question Fort Lauderdale, Fl personal injury attorneys must answer.

Of course, each case is different. Lawsuits that are filed against individuals are typically much easier to win or to settle than those that are filed against corporations. Victims of auto accidents, for example, seldom have a hard time receiving a just settlement. But when an average person tries to sue a hospital or an insurance company because of medical malpractice, it takes experienced Fort Lauderdale, Fl personal injury attorneys to prove their case.

Kelley | Uustal: Our Winning Strategy

Even though they have a combined courtroom experience of over 50 years and more than 100 trials, attorneys at Kelley | Uustal know that not all cases are won in front of a judge and jury. Their unique Forensic Discovery Methodology has been instrumental in helping them secure over a quarter of a billion dollars in settlements and jury awards for their clients. It is also one of the reasons they are considered by many to be the best Fort Lauderdale personal injury attorneys. What exactly is it?

Winning a big case is almost never done alone. Just as Rocky need Mickey and Adriane, lawyers at Kelley | Uustal work with doctors, scientists, engineers and other experts to try to recreate or retrace the injury, accident or product defect that harmed their clients. Not only does this allow them to see what actually happened, it also gives them the information and evidence they need to prove it in court.

With the help of an experienced Fort Lauderdale personal injury attorney from Kelley | Uustal, any wrongfully injured client can even the playing field and get the justice they deserve.