Most Dangerous Pool Toys of 2018

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One thing you can count on during summer in Florida is heat – and lots of it. Floridians often spend the summer cooling off in both private and public pools and lakes. Though this can bring a welcome reprieve from the summer swelter, pool toys can present safety risks to the average consumer.

According to safety experts, some of the most dangerous pool toys of the summer 2018 season are:

Water Balloon Slingshots

Everyone likes a good water balloon fight, but some of today’s high-powered models can pose a risk of injury. According to one maker, the Bunch O Balloon Slingshot can launch water balloons as far as 150 feet. This could pose a risk of injury, particularly to the eyes and face at close range.

What’s more, the balloons themselves pose a risk of choking for young children. As a general rule, it’s best to keep water balloon slingshots away from younger children and save them for kids who can understand the risks involved with using them. One balloon slingshot manufacturer recommends them only as s game for teens and adults.

Above Ground Pools

Above ground pools can be an inexpensive way for Floridians to get a little relief from the intense heat, but research links these pools to an increased risk of serious injury. Experts estimate that around 66 children under the age of 15 drown in above ground pools in a given year. Young children are at the greatest risk of drowning, especially when they attempt to scale a ladder to climb into the pool.

As a general rule, no child should use any pool unattended, even a shallow wading pool. Toddlers who fall into shallow water can panic and struggle to find their footing to stand back up. Anyone who wants to keep an above ground pool should observe the following safety measures:

  • Always designate a water watcher when children use the pool.
  • Use a sturdy cover whenever the pool is not in use.

Backyard Water Slides

Slip and slide type-amusements can be a fun way to keep cool while reducing the risk of drowning, but they can still cause serious injuries, even paralysis, with improper use. Teens are at particular risk of injury when they play on slides designed for younger children. Any adult or older child who exceeds the weight recommendations could fall or stop in a way that leads to permanent injury or paralysis. Consumers who have backyard water slides should read all directions and follow the recommendations for weight and age-appropriate use.

High Powered Water Toys

Today’s water guns, bows and arrows, and other toys that shoot water at another person can also lead to serious injuries. When something even as innocuous as water hits another person in the eye at close range, it can lead to temporary or permanent damage of the delicate tissue. Parents should read all recommended safety precautions and talk to their children about appropriate use before allowing their children to use high powered water toys.

Backyard Trampolines

While not strictly a “pool toy,” many Floridians set up trampolines near a pool or lake to enhance the fun. Unfortunately, this is one of the most dangerous toys of the summer. Trampolines are responsible for hundreds of emergency department visits each year, leading to fractures and other forms of injury. When combined with water, their slipperiness make them extremely hazardous. Parents who choose to have a trampoline in their yards should add a safety enclosure and teach kids about safe use.

Though water toys can be fun, they can also present risk of injury. Follow some common-sense safety guidelines if you choose to use any of these pool and water toys this summer season. If you believe that your injury was caused by a faulty product, you may want to speak with a product liability attorney in Florida.