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What You Should Know About Class Action Lawsuits

A class action lawsuit isn’t the same as a typical personal injury lawsuit. It involves multiple plaintiffs, or injured parties, going up against a common defendant, instead of a one-on-one legal battle. The point of a class action lawsuit is to eliminate redundant litigation and save courts time and resources. It also facilitates faster settlements… read more

Can Medicare Take My Settlement?

If you use Medicare for health insurance coverage and get into a personal injury accident, the claims process may look different for you than other claimants. Medicare provides coverage for policyholder injuries in the event of an accident. The system expects payback, however, if you obtain a settlement or verdict as part of a personal… read more

Is Florida a No-Fault State?

Florida is a no-fault state in terms of auto insurance and collision recovery. After a car accident in Florida, victims must navigate the insurance system to obtain compensation for their medical bills and property damages. Florida is one of just 12 states that abides by a no-fault auto insurance system. This means crash victims will… read more

Defective Pressure Cooker Lawsuits

In 2015, Samantha Gonzalez was severely burned when a pressure cooker exploded nearby. As a result, she suffered severe burns throughout her entire body, resulting in amputations of one of her legs, a hip, a foot and portions of both hands. After a thorough investigation, the injury attorneys of Kelley/Uustal determined that the explosion was… read more

Can You Sue for an Opioid Overdose?

Opioid addiction and overdose are growing problems in America – and they can lead to serious health consequences and even death. While many experience overdoses with illicit opioids, just as many suffer from the effects of legally obtained drugs. Prescription opioids can serve as powerful painkillers for those who have suffered from severe pain, and… read more

How to Protect Teens From Football Injuries

Football is one of the most popular sports in America – and it’s the leading cause for school related sports injuries. While all sports carry some form of risk, football can be especially dangerous for players. Joint injuries and concussions are common, and over-exertion and dehydration can lead to serious medical complications. However, it’s possible… read more

Common Types of Senior Citizen Money Scams & How to Avoid Them

Technology has brought the world many good things, but it has also allowed for new types of scams to develop, and many Americans are at risk. As senior citizens become increasingly technologically equipped, their use of computers, smartphones, and social media put them at risk for scams. The best way to avoid succumbing to a… read more

Could Interlock Laws Reduce Fatal DUI Crashes?

DUI crashes can lead to extensive damages for those involved – including death. These accidents are particularly unfortunate, as they are preventable by having drivers make smart driving decisions and not operate vehicles while intoxicated. Interlock laws that restrict the use of vehicles for DUI offenders can help reduce the chances of such fatal accidents… read more

How Can Immunity Protections Affect Medical Malpractice Lawsuits?

When negligence by a medical professional results in injury, it’s possible to file a medical malpractice claim. These cases involve a plaintiff who establishes proof that a medical professional acted negligently during care, violating his or her duty of care and causing damages. Victims can then receive financial compensation to recover from their injuries. However,… read more

Most Dangerous Times to Drive on Florida Roads

The most recent accident statistics found that 395,785 traffic crashes occurred throughout the state of Florida in just one year– with 2,935 of them involving fatal incidents according to a Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles report. These numbers have been increasing over the past few years, up from 344,170 crashes in 2014. While car crashes… read more