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Fort Lauderdale Holiday Safety Tips for Drivers

The holiday season in Fort Lauderdale typically comes with increases in car accident rates. Drunk drivers, wet winter weather, and drivers hurrying to get to their holiday destinations can all increase the risk of car accidents. Your attention to the road, dedication to driving defensively, and knowledge of the risks of the road all contribute… read more

What Prescription Drugs Impair Driving?

Most people know driving under the influence (DUI) of illicit substances is against the law, but did you know you could also get a DUI for driving after taking prescription drugs? It is illegal to operate a motor vehicle in Florida under the influence of any impairing substance, including prescription and over-the-counter medications. Being aware… read more

What You Should Know About the Romaine Lettuce Recall

On November 19, 2018, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced an outbreak of E. coli affecting 43 people in 12 states. The CDC stated that the illnesses began between October 8 and October 31. The majority (69%) of victims were female. Sixteen of the victims sought hospitalization, but so far, the most… read more

What You Need Before a Free Consultation

Most personal injury attorneys give potential clients a chance to speak with them over the phone or in person before the client decides to retain the attorney. The free consultation typically lasts around 30 minutes and gives the client the opportunity to get to know the lawyer, learn about his/her rights, and explore legal options…. read more

Jennifer Amy St. Clair Case Investigation

Kelley/Uustal attorney, Todd R. Falzone is representing the family of Jennifer Amy St. Clair who’s body was found last week on Interstate 95 in Pompano Beach. She was last seen going on a first date with a man she met online, investigators say she went on a motorcycle ride with two other couples in downtown… read more

Notable Cases for John Uustal

Longest Trial in General Motors History A jury found General Motors (GM) guilty of negligently designing the fuel tank in a family station wagon that exploded after a low-speed crash. Six people burned, and two died, including a young boy named Shane McGee. The McGee family sued GM for their horrible burn injuries and for… read more

John Uustal Discusses Upcoming Book, Corporate Serial Killers

In a recent interview, John Uustal discussed his book and recalled the struggles he and his firm faced as they took on huge corporations to fight the good fight. Nearing bankruptcy and facing the unlimited resources of multi-million dollar companies, Uustal and his partner Robert Kelley fought to expose the corporate misconduct that was being… read more

Attorney John Uustal Secures $6.5 Million for Whistleblower

A spokesperson for the Office of the Inspector General, who was involved in the case, commented, “Pharmaceutical companies that ignore rules designed to protect patients will be held accountable. Patients must be able to trust that decisions made by their doctors are based on unbiased professional judgment and not personal gain.” The U.S. Attorney has… read more

Kelley/Uustal Lawyers Reach $27M Deal In Exploding Pressure Cooker Suit

A $27 Million dollar settlement has been reached, after Fort Lauderdale product liability attorneys prove a pressure cooker caused a 3 year-old devastating burns. It’s been three years since the Gonzales family filed a claim against pressure cooker maker, Lifetime Brands. The company claimed the accident was caused by the family, but lawyers were able… read more

Kelley/Uustal Lawyers Negotiate $27M for Toddler Burned in Pressure Cooker Explosion

Fort Lauderdale lawyers from Kelley Uustal,  John Uustal, Michael Hersh and Catherine Darlson have settled a pressure cooker explosion case after a 3 year-old suffered devastating burns. The suit was filed back in 2015 when the Gonzales family was cooking a chicken soup inside the cooker. The complaint claims the pressure cooker malfunctioned, spraying hot… read more