Safest Roads for Bicyclists in Florida

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In 2017, Florida recorded 6,675 traffic accidents involving bicyclists. These accidents caused 6,263 bicyclist injuries and 128 bicyclist deaths. Broward County had 753 bicyclist crashes, 713 injuries, and 11 fatalities. Biking in Fort Lauderdale can be dangerous – especially if you do not know the safest roads and bicycle paths to take. Busy streets and negligent drivers increase the risk of fatal bicycle accidents in Florida. Statistically, some roads are safer than others for bicyclists in the area. Below is a list of the safest streets in Florida for bicyclists ranked because of the low occurrences of bicycle accidents.

About the Broward Bike Map

The Broward Metropolitan Planning Organization created a street-by-street map for bicyclists based on ratings from five years of bicycle accident data. The map used factors such as speed limits, annual average daily traffic, lane width, number of lanes, types of bicycle facilities available, curb and gutters, slopes, railroad crossings, and significant environmental factors to calculate how suitable each road is for cyclists. The map shows the majority of roads in Fort Lauderdale are difficult or very difficult for bicyclists. However, a handful of easy and moderate roads exist for cyclists in Broward County.

Pine Island Road

Pine Island Road in northwest Fort Lauderdale is an easy one for cyclists to navigate, according to roadway data. It has designated bicycle lanes, as do the surrounding Nob Hill Road and Trail End. The easy stretch of road reaches from where Pine Island Road intersects with Nob Hill Road to its intersection with Holmberg Road. The surrounding region has many other moderate roads for cyclists: Nob Hill Road, Trail End, Hillsboro Boulevard, North University Drive, and Holmberg Road.

Rock Island Road

Rock Island Road earned an easy rating thanks to its low traffic volume and limited accident history. Although it does not have any bicycle lanes or other facilities, it is still an easy and relatively safe road for vulnerable users from Wiles Road down to West Sample Road. This section of the road runs through the Paul Barre Memorial Rotary Park.

Wiles Road

One part of Wiles Road, running east to west from Lyons Road to North Powerline Road, also earned an easy rating for Fort Lauderdale bicyclists. It has bicycle lanes, as does North Powerline in that area. This part of Wiles Road intersects with Florida’s Turnpike, but the intersection is not one with a significant accident history. It also passes Tradewinds Park North.

Northwest 81st Street and Surrounding Area

One of the best regions in Fort Lauderdale for bikers is in West Tamarac. Here several major roads earned easy suitability for bicyclists ratings from the Broward Metropolitan Planning Organization.

  • Northwest 80th Avenue
  • Northwest 81st Street
  • Northwest 82nd Street
  • Northwest 90th Avenue
  • Northwest 100th Avenue

All of these roads have bicycle lanes. Northwest 82nd Street has buffered bicycle lanes, as does Northwest 81st Street, from 100th Avenue to North Pine Island Road. Note, however, that North Pine Island Road is a very difficult road for bicyclists, despite being in the same area. This road has no facilities for bicyclists, and a history of accidents.

Weston Region

Weston in Broward County has a few easy roads for bicyclists, according to the map. They are Royal Palm Boulevard, Indian Trace, Bonaventure Boulevard, and Saddle Club Road. These roads all received easy ratings from the Organization. All of these roads have bicycle lanes at some point, although not all in the same area. The only stretches of road with difficult ratings in the region are the piece of Saddle Club Road around Lakeview Drive, as well as the road continuing down Bonaventure Boulevard to Indian Trace. These areas do not have bicycle facilities.

Improve Your Bicycle Safety

Riding on Fort Lauderdale’s safest roads can decrease your odds of being in a collision. Other ways to improve your safety include wearing a helmet, wearing bright colors, staying visible, biking during the day, and obeying roadway rules while you ride. Always practice bicycle safety to help protect yourself from serious collisions and personal injuries in Fort Lauderdale.

If you were injured in while riding your bike in Broward County and believe the driver was negligent, don’t hesitate to call Kelley | Uustal’s Fort Lauderdale bicycle accident attorneys for a free consultation. We will answer the tough questions and help you figure out if you have a case, at no cost.