Understanding Georgia’s Product Liability Laws

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When you purchase a product from a store or online, you expect the product to have passed certain tests and checkpoints to make sure it is up to par for being sold to the public. When a product does not perform up to standard it is surprising and it can be dangerous. If something happens to you when you use a product and you are harmed you may need to contact a Fort Lauderdale product liability lawyer. If your automobile has a recall or is defective and you are not informed, you should contact a lawyer as soon as possible.

What is Product Liability?

Product liability is when manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, retailers and anyone else who helps in designing, producing, making or selling a product to the public is held responsible for injuries the product may cause.

What Constitutes Product liability?

  • Manufacturing defect – Something was incorrectly made in the manufacturing process. Usually many copies of the product were made before anyone realized there was anything wrong. Sometimes none of the workers realize there is a problem, until someone from the public has an issue with the product.
  • Design defect – Something inherently wrong with the design. It can lead to a recall of the product, usually done in circumstances of automobiles.
  • A failure to warn, which is also known as a marketing defect – a failure to warn is a failure to let customers know to use or not to use the product in certain ways, because these ways of using or not using the product may result in injury.

Having a liability on a product is not only irresponsible, but can be very dangerous, especially if it is an automobile. If you get in an accident because of misinformation from a company about the product you have purchase you should get in contact with a Fort Lauderdale personal injury lawyer right away.

If your car has recalls or a problem with certain mechanism and you have not been informed you should call an auto product liability lawyer. You are entitled to having your car fixed, free of charge. You may also be awarded other compensation, but that depends on your case.