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A defective product contains flaws that make it unreasonably dangerous for consumers to use. An item with a defect could cause serious personal injuries – including broken bones, burns, electric shocks and lacerations. If you suffered an injury because a product contained a defect, you could be eligible for compensation from the manufacturer or distributor. The Florida defective product attorneys at Kelley | Uustal can help you protect your rights. Start with a free initial consultation by contacting our Florida defective product attorneys.

Why Choose Kelley | Uustal?

  • Our Florida lawyers have significant experience in the courtroom. We have won trials against many large corporations on behalf of our product liability clients.
  • Our firm has proven results for landmark defective product cases. We have obtained millions of dollars in both individual lawsuits and class actions.
  • Our firm only charges for our legal services if we win the case. You will not pay attorney’s fees if your lawyer is not successful in obtaining a financial award.

Why You Need a Florida Defective Product Lawyer

A Florida defective product attorney will support you during negotiations with a product’s manufacturer or distributor. Rather than going up against a major corporation or insurance company alone, your lawyer will take care of negotiations for you – offering protection from companies that may otherwise take advantage of you. You will not have to worry about settling for less than your claim is truly worth when you hire an attorney.

Compensation & Damages in a Defective Product Lawsuit

Filing a product liability lawsuit against a defendant for a dangerous or defective product could result in compensation, or payment, for your related losses. The law in Florida permits you to seek compensation for a wide range of economic and noneconomic damages. Florida does not currently place a cap on damages except in medical malpractice claims.

  • Medical treatment costs
  • Lost salary from time away from work
  • Physical pain
  • Emotional distress or suffering
  • Property damage restoration

If you or your attorney can prove you suffered real, specific damages because of the defective product, you could receive financial recovery for many different losses. The value of your case will depend on the severity of your damages. Catastrophic injury and wrongful death cases, for example, typically result in higher payouts than those involving minor injuries. A lawyer from Kelley | Uustal can evaluate your specific claim and calculate what it could be worth.

What To Do After Being Injured by a Defective Product

Consumers purchase defective products every day. Most products will simply malfunction without causing injuries; however, others may explode, catch fire, jam or otherwise fail in ways that put consumers at risk. If a defective or dangerous product injures you, take a few steps to protect yourself physically and financially.

  1. Preserve evidence: First, try to preserve the scene of the accident. Take photographs of the defective product and any property damage. Keep the item and its packaging intact. If you filed a police report, keep a copy for your personal records.
  2. Seek medical attention: Go to the doctor for treatment for your personal injuries. Follow the doctor’s orders and keep copies of your medical documents.
  3. Learn your rights: Product manufacturers in the U.S. have a duty to guarantee the reasonable safety of their products. Failure to do so, resulting in physical injuries, could give you the right to file a product liability claim.

Most product liability cases will not require you, the plaintiff, to prove the manufacturer’s negligence to obtain compensation. You or your lawyer will need to show the item contained a defect and caused your injuries. After a defective product incident, discuss your rights and legal options with a personal injury attorney as soon as possible.

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