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Distracted and negligent drivers can cause pedestrian accidents in and around Florida. In a collision between a pedestrian and a vehicle, the pedestrian always loses. It is up to drivers in Florida to pay attention to the road, drive at reasonable speeds, and yield the right-of-way to pedestrians when applicable. If a driver fails in any of his or her duties and causes a pedestrian accident, the victim could have grounds to file an injury claim. Contact the Florida pedestrian accident lawyers at Kelley| Uustal for assistance.

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  • We always put people before profits. Our clients come first for us. Your lawyer will dedicate personal attention to your pedestrian case.
  • We have won significant compensation awards for past clients, some of which were unprecedented in their categories.
  • We only charge attorney’s fees if we secure compensation for the client. You will pay $0 upfront for our legal services.

How a Florida Pedestrian Attorney Can Help

Hiring an attorney for a pedestrian collision case can increase the odds of securing compensation from the at-fault party or parties. An attorney will know exactly how to go up against a driver, part manufacturer, government agency, or other party in pursuit of full and fair financial recovery. Your lawyer will take over settlement negotiations with insurance companies while you focus on recovering. A Florida pedestrian accident attorney can also take your case to court if that is necessary to achieve justice.

Damages and Compensation Available

In Florida, you cannot file a lawsuit against an at-fault driver unless you suffer serious injuries. Injuries are serious if they cause long-term or permanent disability or disfigurement. Injuries such as broken bones and traumatic brain injuries qualify for lawsuits. Otherwise, Florida’s no-fault laws require pedestrians to seek compensation from their own insurance companies regardless of fault. An insurance settlement could result in payment for several damages.

  • Past and predicted future medical expenses
  • Lost wages and income capacity
  • Property damage repairs
  • The victim’s out-of-pocket costs

A personal injury lawsuit could also pay these damages, as well as compensation for intangible losses such as pain and suffering, mental anguish, and lost quality of life. Taking a pedestrian accident case to court could also result in punitive damages to punish the defendant. Speak to our attorneys to find out if a settlement or jury verdict may be possible in your case.

Types of Pedestrian Accidents and Injuries                    

In our years of personal injury experience, we have represented clients during a wide range of personal injury claim types. When it comes to pedestrian accident cases, we have seen many types of collisions and personal injuries.

  • Intersection accidents
  • Crosswalk collisions
  • Sidewalk collisions
  • Bicycle accidents
  • Dart-out accidents
  • Vehicle turn accidents
  • Merge accidents
  • Back-up collisions

Injuries our victims have suffered range from bumps and bruises to permanent brain injuries and wrongful death. Pedestrian victim soften suffer broken bones, especially in the lower extremities, chest, and head. Soft-tissue injuries, lacerations, and organ damage are also common injuries.

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