Client Testimonials


Injury victim Tony discusses his experience with Kelley | Uustal, how they helped him obtain the compensation he needed.



In this video, Matthew, a client of Kelley | Uustal, shows how the firm guided him through the personal injury legal process, and took the time to explain all the details.



After suffering an injury in a serious truck accident, Dave had trouble getting compensated through his insurance company. He came to Kelley | Uustal for help.



When Wanda’s husband passed away, she and her daughters decided to hire Kelley | Uustal to help them seek compensation for his death.



Before her mother passed away, Rhonda promised that she would pursue a wrongful death lawsuit against the tobacco industry to seek compensation for her mother’s death.



Impressed with the firm’s attentiveness and its representatives, Samantha shares that everyone at Kelley | Uustal "has been amazing towards me."



Clara describes the legal team at Kelley | Uustal as her family. See how the firm helped her obtain compensation for her damages and always fought for her best interests.



Here, Paul shares his experience with Kelley | Uustal. He was very happy with how the firm was able to move his case along smoothly and in a timely fashion.



Martai, who described his attorney at Kelley | Uustal as “excellent,” explains how firm exhibited a high level of experience, skill, and professionalism in his case.



After being in a car accident, Nancy was referred to Kelley | Uustal by a friend in the legal field. Here, she tells how she really loved the team-approach we employ.



Larry a rear-end car accident victim, talks about his experience with the firm and how welcoming and comfortable he felt throughout the entire process.



When Juana’s husband died of lung cancer, she came to Kelley | Uustal to seek financial compensation for his death. Now, Juana recommends her friends to the firm.



Kelley | Uustal helped Danielle overcome one of the most devastating and traumatic experiences of her life. She describes the caring and compassionate counsel she received.



Watch the video to see how Kelley | Uustal helped James, who sought legal help from the firm. He appreciated how organized and cooperative the firm was during the process.



Our client Carlos speaks about his experience with our firm. Nuestro cliente Carlos habla de su experiencia con nuestra firma.



Robert, a client of Kelley | Uustal, said that he was “ecstatic” with the outcome of his personal injury case. The firm was able to handle his case efficiently and smoothly.



Impressed with the firm’s attentiveness to his case, Sean explains how Kelley | Uustal helped him seek the compensation that he needed and deserved.



Eileen talks about her the great experience she had working with Kelley | Uustal, which she describes as excellent from beginning to end. Listen to her story here.



Grace shares how the firm helped her and provided her the relief she needed. By working with Kelley | Uustal, she was able to obtain the compensation that she deserved.



Thomas Jr. reached out to Kelley | Uustal when he was badly injured in a car accident. He appreciated that the firm was always on hand to answer his questions.



Roal had a medical malpractice case that several attorneys had turned down before coming to Kelley | Uustal. Here, he praises the the firm's tireless efforts.



While riding her bicycle, Crystal was struck by a motorist and suffered massive injuries. Here, Crystal and her husband describe their experience with the firm.



After the death of his wife, Wilfred came to Kelley | Uustal to file a lawsuit against the tobacco industry, which he believe perpetuated lies and was responsible.



When Vanessa fell down and suffered an injury on a flight of stairs, she approached the legal team at Kelley | Uustal. In this video, she talks about her experience.



After working with the firm, Felicia said that her attorney became “almost like a brother” and she could bring any questions or concerns to him. See what she says here.



Tonia had a complex case that she brought to Kelley | Uustal. The firm was able to go after all the insurance companies and she recovered the compensation that she needed.



Clients Maya and Chet discuss their experience working with our firm after being in a rear end collision accident. They were confident they had the right firm behind them.

Chet & Maya

"I would like to express my sincerest gratitude for all that you have done for me. As you know my current situation, it is nice to ultimately begin to see positive results unraveling. I would also like to say that not only did you bring out positive results, but you were a kind, flexible and pleasant individual to have represent my case. Again, I am solely writing this letter to express my most sincere thank you for all that you have done."


"The situation that brought us to you was heart-wrenching, but the experience we had with you has been heartfelt. You are all very special."

Susan G.

Attorney Bonnie Navin with Kelley | Uustal has always had the up most respect in the equine community. I have obtained her professional advisement over the years which was extremely helpful, especially when I knew I could trust her judgment. She is not only a trusted friend but is definitely my go to attorney when seeking assistance. I recommend Bonnie to everyone for any legal service as she will assist in every way she is able.

Pam P.

Tremendous experience. Never had a question unanswered, never had a phone call unanswered. Felt like part of the family. I would highly recommend Kelley | Uustal to any friend or relative.


I want to commend my attorney, Todd Falzone and his paralegal Jody Marie Hansel for an extraordinary job in bringing my case to a very satisfactory conclusion. This week, exactly one year to the day of my accident, the settlement check was deposited. They both went above and beyond in dealing with both the VA and private medical facilities in Broward and Dade Counties. Moving forward, as the healing process continues, they have enhanced my sense of security that will last for the rest of my life. TODD and JODY... You guys ROCK!!! Regards.

Robert P.